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Yes, it’s a fair point – BitConnect deserves to be the scam of the week for many weeks running. The only interesting thing about BitConnect at this point is that it still survives and has a market cap of over 75 million USD. Let’s pick on another easy target.

The Molecule Project is a project designed, from the looks of it, to con Chinese speculators. There is a website for the project, well at least there is for Chinese nationals. The project website is at but don’t get your hopes up. The empty page only loads some JS libs to check your IP address, load (but not render) the page content, and so on.

Now try sending the HTTPS request with a querystring ?lang=zh and you’ll see the page. If you had installed a Chinese version of your browser, it would automatically send this language preference but we’ll have to override our own default. Scroll down to the list of advisors … well this section is no longer there – only photos of the dev team.

Molecule Devs

What it showed earlier today was a list of Western blockchain folks described as project advisors, shown below as copied from twitter:

molecule advisors

However, a few of them have already claimed they’ve never heard of the project. Here’s a tweet from one of the so-called advisors, Ethan Heilman, complaining that he had no involvement in this project. Read the comments too, some of the other alleged advisors chime in saying the same. Molecule project is probably not a great investment for the average, unsuspecting Mandarin-speaking speculator.

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